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Pro Mounds Training Mound

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Made of high density foam and protected with Rubber Armor Technology.

Allow baseball pitchers to work on hitting their spots or set up a scrimmage with this ProMounds Indoor/Outdoor Training Pitcher's Mound. Hurlers can find the right velocity, fire precise strikes and even toss BP with this official-size, yet portable mound, that allows pitchers to push off a full-size rubber and land on the field's dirt. Whether it's spring training or the regular season, the mound's rugged construction lets pitchers work on their two- and four-seamers, curveballs, sliders and knuckleballs indoors or out.

Ideal for pitcher's fielding drills, including bunt defense and pick-off plays at the collegiate level

      • Crafted with high-density foam, PRAT (ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology) and a spike-resistant artificial turf to stand up to power pitchers (Note: not designed for use with metal cleats)
      • Features an official-size rubber to let pitchers practice footwork and fundamentals
      • Lightweight design allows easy transportation from the equipment shed to the field or gym, so coaches and players can transform nearly any space into a baseball field quickly
      • Available with green or red clay turf
      • Activity: Baseball
      • Brand: ProMounds
      • Material: Rubber, Foam
      • Product Height: 4 in.
      • Product Length: 36 in.
      • Product Type: Pitching training accessory
      • Product Use/Compatibility: Pitcher's training
      • Product Width: 36 in.
      •   4”H x 36”W x 36”L
    • Used at all collegiate levels for indoor drills  (pitchers fielding practice, bunt defense, pick-off plays)
    • Great for backyard training, camp and clinics
    • Portable, lightweight, durable
    • Choose green or red clay turf

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