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MacGregor Women's Catcher Gear Pack

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Pro-style varsity catcher's helmet prevents dangerous head injuries
      • 4 in. throat protector keeps the neck safe from wild pitches and errant swings
      • MCB80 varsity female chest protector absorbs the direct impact of the ball
      • Double-knee leg guards shield against sliding runners and low fastballs
      • Women's gear pack is designed for fast-pitch softball players ages 14 and up
      • Activity: Softball
      • Athletic Supporter Included: No
      • Brand: MacGregor®
      • Quantity: 1
      • Recommended Age Use: Adults
      • Throat Protector: Yes 

Package includes:

    • Pro style varsity catcher's helmet
    • MCB80 varsity female chest protector
    • Prep double knee leg guards
    • 4" throat protector
For ages 14+

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