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Pro Down Day or Night Football Sideline Markers

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Players, coaches, referees and fans can keep track of the on-field action with help from this Pro Down Day/Night Football Sideline Marker Set. Whether games take place in the afternoon or at night, the high-contrast colors allow visibility in any lighting to keep everyone apprised of their team's field position. Coaches and players can rest assured that these markers will stay in place, as the hook-and-loop fasteners and weighted bottom maintain an upright position, even in high winds. Made from soft foam and durable vinyl, these markers hold up to every down on the gridiron. 

      • Soft foam core inside a durable vinyl cover stands up to intense play
      • Folding design allows easy transport and storage between football games
      • Hook-and-loop fasteners and a weighted bottom keep the markers upright, even in high wind
      • High-contrast colors and 13 in. numbers deliver easy readability
      • Available in an 11-piece set, which includes a 50-yard line marker and two goal, two 10-yard, two 20-yard, two 30-yard and two 40-yard markers, or a 5-piece set that includes a 40-yard marker and two goal and two 20-yard markers
      • Brand: Pro Down
      • Color: Red, Black
      • Color Family: Red
      • Foldable Design: Yes
      • Material: Vinyl

 Soft, crushable foam core inside durable vinyl cover

  • Improved with better visibility for day or night games
  • Folding design for flat storage
  • Hook and loop fasteners with weighted bottom to maintain upright position
  • 15"H X 15"W with 13"H numbers
  • 11 piece set includes: 2-G, 2-10, 2-20, 2-30, 2-40, 1-50

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