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Easton Training Stick

Easton Training Stick for Baseball or Softball Training

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The Easton Training Stick will eliminate the need to chase practice balls.  Users attest to the dramatic improvement has come in hitting performance of their players by using this device. Designed to include both softball and baseball ends. Has the ability to drastically improves hitting stance, contact and bat control; while also enabling coaches to get a clearer sense of what adjustments need to be made in order to aid in making their players better hitters. Players will be sure to benefit with the constant feedback. Stick's 63" length is designed for use for both youth and adult players. Made with flexible shaft and a texturized vibration-dampening handle.  For younger players attempting to develop the proper mechanics of a well hit ball most coaches claim the Easton Training Stick is the necessary tool.

The most effective & versatile batting drill device available
Unique design features BOTH Baseball & Softball ends
63 inch length ideal for both Adult & Youth players
Flexible shaft texturized vibration dampening handle
Dramatically improves hitting stance contact and bat control

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