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Cutting Bar and Drag Combo

Cutting Bar and Drag Combo Baseball Field Maintenance

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A smooth, level baseball diamond helps player performance and contributes to a clean, professional appearance. Keep your field in top playing condition using this 6 ft. Baseball/Softball Infield Cutting Bar. Whether you're getting ready for league playoffs or managing a local community ball park, you can minimize lumps, ridges and rough spots by dragging this bar over the dirt and leveling the surface. Attach a drag mat using the quick-link connectors to smooth out the base path even more (mat sold separately).
Asymmetrical bar evens out rough spots and prevents ridge build-ups in the infield dirt
6 ft. width allows you to cover the whole baseball diamond quickly
Quick-link attachments make it easy to connect a rope or chain and a drag mat

6 ft. x 6 ft. drag mat smooths out dirt to ensure a level playing surface

Color: Green
Color Family: Green
Product Width: 6 ft.
Quantity: 1

Unique 6' asymmetrical cutting bar levels & smooths rough spots and eliminates ridge build-ups
The cutting bar is sized to match our 6' x 6' drag mats
Includes quick-link attachments
Combo unit includes cutting bar and 6' x 6' drag (DMAT6X6)

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